Mdundo Expands Reach with Launch of Mdundohausa.com, Catering to Northern Nigeria’s Music Enthusiasts

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Mdundo.com, the leading African music streaming service, proudly announces the launch of Mdundohausa.com, a dedicated platform tailored to the vibrant music scene of Northern Nigeria. This expansion underscores Mdundo’s unwavering commitment to amplifying African music and fostering hyperlocal content across the continent.

Mdundohausa.com serves as a digital hub for music enthusiasts in Northern Nigeria, offering a rich collection of Hausa-language songs, artists, and cultural content. The platform celebrates the diverse musical heritage of the region, ranging from traditional Hausa tunes to contemporary genres that resonate with local audiences.

“We are thrilled to introduce Mdundohausa.com as part of our ongoing mission to empower African artists and connect music lovers with their favorite tunes,” said Sowari Akosionu, Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Mdundo. “Northern Nigeria boasts a rich musical history, and Mdundohausa.com aims to shine a spotlight on this dynamic cultural landscape while providing a seamless platform for artists to showcase their talent.”

In addition to offering a vast library of Hausa-language music, Mdundohausa.com features curated playlists, DJ Mixes and Podcasts, offering users a deeper dive into the Northern Nigerian music scene. Through strategic partnerships with local artists, producers, and industry stakeholders, Mdundo is poised to elevate the visibility of Northern Nigerian music on a global scale.

The launch of Mdundohausa.com marks a significant milestone in Mdundo’s journey to democratize access to African music and foster a thriving ecosystem for artists and fans alike. By embracing hyperlocal content and amplifying voices from across the continent, Mdundo remains at the forefront of Africa’s music-streaming revolution.

To explore the vibrant sounds of Northern Nigeria, visit Mdundohausa.com.

About Mdundo.com
Mdundo.com is Africa’s leading pan-African music service, dedicated to providing music easily and legally across Africa. With a vast library of African songs, curated playlists and a focus on low internet usage, Mdundo.com is redefining the way people discover, listen to, and engage with African music. Currently, over 145,000 artists have accounts with Mdundo.com, showcasing the platform’s commitment to supporting local talent and driving the music industry forward.

For those interested in Mdundo visit https://www.mdundoforartists.com/ or contact artist@mdundo.com.


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