How I Got My Music Inspiration For Corrolate – Graceboy Micl

Michael Baba, also known as GraceBoy Micl, is a multi-talented entertainer and the founder of 4sight Productions, a music production company.

He recently released a new music track titled ‘Corrolate’, which he says was inspired by his ex-girlfriend, who showered him with love and attention when he needed them the most.

“I was dating this beautiful girl at the time; she was so loving and caring; always bringing priceless smiles to me everytime we were together. Our relationship spurred me to write down the lyrics of that track. Since the release of Corrolate, every day I go on social media, I get lots of love from my fans around the world, and this makes me happy. I am pushed to release more tracks for the listening pleasure of my people. At present, we are working on a video for Corrolate. Seeing is believing, but expect the unexpected.“

Sharing his music journey, GraceBoy Micl noted that before Corrolate, he released a heart-warming track, ‘One Way’.

“I love this particular one so much because it has soul-lifting lyrics. When it plays you can’t help but move some parts of your body to the sound. I also have an EP titled S.E.T (Searching Emotions Tonight),” he stated.

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