Food Crisis: Remove Import Duties On Food Items – Adeyanju Urges Tinubu

A human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju, has urged President Bola Tinubu to temporarily remove import duties on all imported food items into Nigeria.


Adeyanju, in his statement on Monday, emphasized the urgent need for action, stating that removing import duties on all imported food items into Nigeria would provide immediate relief to Nigerians facing food shortage challenges.

He commended Tinubu for instructing the Nigeria Customs Service to return the food they had seized to the people who owned it.

The human rights activist noted that it shows Tinubu’s dedication to combating hunger and food insecurity in Nigeria.

Adeyanju said: “President Tinubu’s directive to the Customs Service reflects his responsiveness to the concerns and criticisms raised by the public.

“The prevailing insecurity caused by banditry and other criminal activities has significantly impacted the agricultural sector.

“Many farmers are unable to go to their farms due to the fear of attacks, resulting in reduced agricultural productivity and food scarcity.

“The President should temporarily remove import duties on all imported food items. This measure will help alleviate the current challenges faced by Nigerians.

“I commend the President’s ability to listen to critics and respond accordingly, as demonstrated by his recent decisions.”

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