MUSIC: Hanr – All Day Ft. Kezz

Hanr – All Day Ft. KEZZ. Dive into the vibrant and infectious rhythm of Afrobeat with Hanr’s latest release, “All Day.” Featuring Kezz. This track is a celebration of love, desire, and the irresistible pull between two people. The lyrics tell a story of longing and connection, set against a backdrop of energetic beats and captivating melodies. In “All Day,” Hanr explores the complexities of modern relationships with lines like “My world does not revolve around you,” and “Girl if you’re really with me then you won’t deny,” highlighting the push and pull of romance. The song captures the essence of Afrobeat, with its pulsating rhythms and catchy hooks, ensuring listeners are hooked from the first note to the last. As the track unfolds, listeners are taken on a journey around the world, with lyrics that paint vivid pictures of love and adventure: “30 days different countries, and I can go all around the world just as long as I’m with you.” The chorus, with its infectious repetition of “all day, all day, all day,” underscores the intense emotions and passion that come with being in love. Whether you’re dancing to the beat or reflecting on the lyrics, “All Day” is a track that promises to resonate deeply. It’s a perfect blend of Afrobeat energy and heartfelt emotion, showcasing Hanr’s s unique ability to blend storytelling with music. Get ready to hit repeat and let “All Day” be the soundtrack to your day and night. The song is produced, mixed and mastered by Signechor Vybez at Sound of Heartbeatx Studios which also serves as the management company representing Hanr in Nigeria. All Day also contains live guitar performance by the Grammy Award Winning Multi-instrumentalist; Joshua Moszi. Below is the link to listen to the song; DOWNLOAD & STREAM ON DIGITAL STORES HERE OR BELOW:
DOWNLOAD MP3 You can follow Hanr on social media platforms @hanrmusic and contact Sound of Heartbeatx @heartbeatxmusic for music business conversation relating to Hanr.

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